Ali Sepehr

Ali is an experienced Mechanical Engineer actively involved in design, calculation, specification, procurement, supervision, sales and technical support. Experience with off/onshore, oil and gas, hydraulics, pneumatics, hydrodynamics, CFD and FEM, water and wastewater, HVAC, heating & cooling applications, Energy and Environment, piping, and mechanical equipment (pumps, valves, fittings, etc.). Technical background in maritime and offshore industries, chemical and industrial processes, heavy industries, hydraulics and pneumatics. Highly adaptable, significant skills of problem solving, planning expertise, troubleshooting techniques and a proven ability to implement innovative solutions and optimize resources to achieve cost effective results.

Ali joined the managing board of HAPCO from Jan 2016. Ali directs HAPCO in collaboration with the experienced and high skilled managing team of HAPCO.

The CARNOT Modern Technologies is a sub-group connected to HAPCO working particularly on Energy and Environment such as Low Power Solutions, Green Buildings, Sustainable Design, Modern HVAC Tech., and etc. Ali is the direct responsible for the programs of CARNOT Modern Technologies as well.

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